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TT-4 Safe Body Armor Police One size fits all Anti Suit Riot For Full Body Armor

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900D Polyester, 0.5cm EVA


Available in black, OR OEM Color


One size fits all



Anti-stab performance

20J kinetic energy to puncture protection layer of chest and back, the tip does not penetrate.

Impact-resistance performance

120J kinetic impact, the protective layer is not damaged, cracked.

Striking energy absorbing performance

Indentation of the clay when 100J kinetic impact protective layer of chest and back <12mm

Protection area


Flame Retardant

Continued burning time after protection layer surface combustion <10 s

Anti-riot Suit Product Information

Features for anti riot suit:
1.Ergonomical design,which supplies the whole body with good protections including: upper body protector ,shoulder protector, arm protector, wrist protector ,thigh protector, leg armor and foot protector.
2.There are ajustable hook and loop  military belt to attach each parts of the suit ,so it’s easy to put on and take off.
3.Soft amd innocuous material Suit, shock absorption foam.
4.Innovative structure,good riot control performance,smooth and comfortable,large protection area,simple operation,etc.
5. Structure: Consists of upper and lower body protection components for Protective Gear.


1.Long shelf life, light weight/2.Light weight with excellent protection capability/3.Easily to take on and take off/4.With material of fireproof,waterproof

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Safe body armor is a company specializing in the design, production and provision of state-of-the-art security solutions for the law enforcement industry and other entities concerned with personnel security.

Our products have not only been widely recognized by civil testing institutions, but also by international authoritative testing institutions. “High quality, competitive price and fast delivery” is the guarantee of our products. We have participated in various large-scale international government procurement and have completed the task perfectly.

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As the largest manufacturer of military and police products in China, safe body armor has a production line of nearly 20000 square meters in Beijing and has excellent production capacity. On such a solid foundation, safe body armor is driven by its strong determination to innovate and continuously improve the quality control system to meet or even exceed the requirements of customers. Our efforts have been widely recognized

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Safe body armor provides a series of excellent safety solutions. According to the most reliable and high-quality products and affordable prices, the professional production and transportation team can complete and deliver customers’ products on time and with quality.

As long as there is a need for military and police supplies, we can certainly meet your needs

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After years of production, we have received certification from various appraisal institutions. We guarantee that our quality will meet your requirements.
We have profuse designs with high-quality (CE, BETA, NIJ, CNAS, ilac-MRA, ISO, SGS, BSCI APPROVED), and expressly, our price is very competitive because we are manufactory, we are the source.

Our goal

Due to years of continuous research and development, our products are considered to be comprehensive bulletproof products, which can resist various threats.

Our mission is to foresee future threats and dangers, so that when they become reality, you can be prepared. The right effort makes us ready to provide the most accurate solution at the right time!

We are a professional military and police Product manufacturer. If you need our products, please leave us a message and our professional business will contact you immediately !!!!

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