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8000pcs Bulletproof Plates Order From Poland Customer


Recently in Oct, we received inquiries from Poland customers who need bulletproof products for military protection.

Poland has been affected by the recent wars in Russia and Ukraine.

They need to buy bulletproof products for protection. Because of the emergency, he needs to buy inventory.

Finally, he bought 8000 NIJ Class IV bulletproof plates. Because we have inventory, we will arrange delivery immediately after he pays.

Because there is a large demand for bulletproof products, we are producing them every day to meet the needs of customers who need to buy a large number of stocks.

If you need bulletproof Vest, bulletproof plates or bulletproof helmets and all the product you need in bulletproof area , please feel free to contact us

you can contact our whatsapp number which is +86 15168438925 or contact us through our Email safetybodyarmour@gmail.com

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