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Why Don’t Bulletproof Vests Cover The Whole Body And Protect The Head And Feet?


With the progress of military technology, the lethality of individual weapons is becoming greater and greater.
As a kind of defense equipment that can effectively reduce bullet damage and protect the wearer, bulletproof clothing has become a necessary armor for modern soldiers on the battlefield.

But what is puzzling is that bulletproof clothing has developed to this day. It is just like a vest.

It can’t protect the head, even the arms and legs.

This makes many people confused. Today, let’s discuss why it is like this and how we can deal with it!.

Why can’t do full body production?

If we want to answer this question, we need to start with the history of the development of body armor and the killing effect of bullets.

First of all, the first large-scale use of human body armor was in World War I. at that time, the structure of body armor was lined with silk and thick steel plates.

Since then, the main bulletproof material of human body armor is metal. As we said in our previous article, steel has been the most important material of body armor for a long time.

It was not until the early 1970s, when a brand-new synthetic fiber Kevlar appeared, that human bulletproof vests entered the era of soft bulletproof.

So, since soft bulletproof has been realized, why not develop a bulletproof jacket that can protect the whole body? In fact, this is determined by the inherent defects of bulletproof vests.

Bulletproof vests are not as good as we think, they can defend against most bullets. Even after more than 100 years of human research, modern bulletproof vests still can’t defend against bullets coming from the front, but at most can defend against stray bullets and shrapnel attacks.

But then again, if you hang a steel plate a few centimeters later on your body just for bullet proof, most bullets can’t break through, but the weight can reach more than 20 kilograms, which will greatly affect the mobility of soldiers in combat. It’s a way to lose more than gain.

Although soft bulletproof vests are light, if they are made into full-body protection, they will also affect mobility, especially in the joints, and will also cause soldiers’ body temperature to rise, increasing physical consumption.

So up to now, most of the bulletproof vests we see still have only the upper body, like vest.

From The Perspective Of Human Body

From the perspective of the human body, the most important parts are the head and trunk. Once these two parts are hit by bullets, they are prone to fatal injuries.

But human limbs are different. Even if they are hit by bullets, they will not be fatal in most cases.
It is for this reason that all countries choose to improve the mobility of soldiers and give up the protection of soldiers’ limbs.

However, with the increasing lethality of human bullets, even if one’s limbs are hit by bullets, it will have a great impact on the actions of soldiers.

After the bullet hits the human body, there will be a cavity effect. Although it is only a small bullet hole, the bullet will continue to spin after hitting, forming a wound larger than we thought.

Therefore, how to protect the limbs of soldiers in war is also a problem that can not be ignored.

We believe that scientists will be able to produce this kind of bulletproof jacket in the future, although it seems difficult to achieve it now.

What Can We Do

Is there nothing we can do to improve this situation,to protect about out body better than single vest?
Of course, what we need to do is to combine different bulletproof products to protect our bodies and head.

If anyone who knows about bulletproof products knows, it is not only bulletproof clothes, but also bulletproof arms, bulletproof knees, and the most important bulletproof helmet.

Although these products are independent, they can better protect every corner of the body when combined.

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