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Why Modern Bulletproof Plates Stop Useing Steel?


If you know the difference between modern bulletproof equipment and previous bulletproof equipment, you will be surprised to find that the proportion of steel plate in this industry is declining.

Modern bulletproof equipment gives up solid and heavy steel plates, and most of them choose high-tech fiber Kevlar and PE materials.

If you purchase them, you will know that the price of bulletproof products produced by steel plates is far lower than those produced by Kevlar or PE materials and other synthetic materials now.

Why does this happen? Is there really such a big gap between the protective effects of the two?
Today, let’s discuss it together!

The Significance Of Iinventing Bulletproof Vest

In many police and bandit films or military films, many policemen or soldiers wear thick bulletproof vests and look very fashionable.

Bulletproof vests can not only make soldiers look cool, but also protect their lives at critical moments.
Judging from the current scientific and technological conditions, bulletproof vests are the most important light equipment to ensure the life safety of soldiers.

Wearing them can greatly improve the fighting enthusiasm of the police or soldiers in the war, and can also make the police or soldiers have more courage to face threats, so as to effectively complete combat tasks.

It can be said that bulletproof vests are the confidence of soldiers. If you don’t wear bulletproof vests, few people have the courage to face the battlefield with real guns.

Bulletproof vest is also one of the important inventions of modern weapons. This invention has saved countless soldiers and people in danger.

Steel plate is definitely not the best protective material

In the impression of many people, hard steel plate is one of the best materials to resist bullets, because it is strong enough.

In another impression, ceramics are generally used to make exquisite works of art. They break when they fall. They are beautiful but very fragile.
Ceramics can’t stand the impact of bullets anyway. However, it is surprising that the materials used in the manufacture of modern bulletproof vests are not steel plates with strong hardness, but ceramics that break at one touch.

What’s against common sense to use ordinary ceramics as bulletproof vests? The reasons are as follows.

The risk of crushing and the terrible weight

We all know that the properties of materials are relative. Although the steel plate is strong, its weight is very heavy.
If a steel plate that can block bullets is made into a bulletproof vest, the weight of the two steel plates in front of and behind the bulletproof vest will seriously limit the soldiers’ ability to move in action.
Do you think you can concentrate on fighting with a heavy thing? Better not take it with you!
If the thickness of the steel plate is reduced to achieve the effect of weight reduction, it will not be effective in bulletproof.
Not to mention the short-range design, even the long-distance design, will also make the steel bulletproof vest carried by soldiers sunken or even pierced. The soldiers were either seriously injured or killed.

The Magic Of Ceramics

Can the bulletproof vest made of ceramic resist bullets? The soldiers’ answer is yes, and it is the best bulletproof material since the 20th century.
At least in the past, soldiers could not be avoided in the face of death. The emergence of ceramics has completely changed this situation.
Why does the bulletproof vest made of ceramic have this “magic”?
In fact, if only ceramics is used as material, the bulletproof performance of bulletproof vest is not as good as that of steel plate.
The reason why the ceramic bulletproof vest can be bulletproof is that a special fiber with strong toughness, namely Kevlar bulletproof fiber, is added to the ceramics. The hardness of bulletproof clothing made of Kevlar bulletproof fiber and ceramic composite material is much higher than that of steel plate. Why do you say that?

The reason why ceramics can be bulletproof

First of all, Kevlar bulletproof fiber is a very dense mesh structure material.
When this material is greatly impacted by the bullet, it will quickly disperse the shock wave ability of the bullet through the mesh texture, so as to achieve the effect of energy absorption.
Just as the force of jumping from a high place to the ground is different from that of jumping on a mesh trampoline, trampoline will definitely be injured. Trampoline absorbs the impact force generated by the force diffusion of the human body, so that people will not be injured.
Then ceramics can also play a second role, that is, to block the impact of bullets. Its bulletproof principle is the same as that of steel plate, except that ceramics and fibers can be well combined, while steel plate cannot. This is why most modern bulletproof vests use fiber + ceramic composite materials, and rarely use steel plate materials.

What SBA Can Do Now

Recently, people who purchase bulletproof products are troubled by one thing, no ceramics!
Due to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the global ceramic production capacity is scarce, and many factories have no way to obtain ceramics for production. Therefore, many factories have doubts about the production capacity increase of bulletproof products, and a bulletproof insert plate / bulletproof jacket is hard to find.
SBA has been in the bulletproof industry for many years. We have excellent ceramic supply chain and PE raw material supply chain. We have never encountered this dilemma, so the strong strength and ability of the company in this special period are reflected. We have sufficient materials for production. As long as you have demand, we can produce and deliver in the fastest time.

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