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Russian Soldiers Called The Bulletproof Vests Provided By The Military Government Is”Terrible”


As the war between Russia and Ukraine continued, we conducted further investigations. A Russian soldier said that the bulletproof vests provided by the Russian army to them were “too terrible”.
The security service of Ukraine (SSU) often shares calls allegedly intercepted from the Russian army on its website. According to reports, a Russian soldier asked his mother to send money so that they could buy better protective armor.
It is reported that SSU shared a phone call, in which the soldier’s mother asked, “how much do you need? What kind of equipment do you use now? Do you have to buy it with your own money? Will the government not pay?”
According to reports, the soldier replied, “we need all bulletproof products, especially bulletproof vests. But what we have now is terrible. If I want to live, I must buy it myself.”

Although Russia has played down the heavy losses suffered by its troops since the invasion in late February, more and more evidence has been spread through the international media, indicating that the Russian troops may be more struggling than they are.

A video released by Al Jazeera showed a worker in protective clothing zipping a white body bag in a refrigerator car full of bodies. Al Jazeera reported that the bodies were “unclaimed” and belonged to Russian soldiers killed on the front line, but various news websites and radio stations could not independently verify these videos.

It is reported that in addition to the lack of bulletproof vests, Russian soldiers have been fighting against the low morale and dissatisfaction caused by the poor treatment of the troops by the Russian command

SSU intercepted a call between a Russian soldier and an acquaintance from his hometown. The soldier said on the phone, “well, they sent us directly to the front line to real hell. There is cannon fodder… Only artillery… Under the gunfire – it’s killing itself.”

SSU also introduced in detail the text message sent by a commander fighting near izhium in April. He wrote: “everyone here is completely demoralized. There are only 10 to 15 people left in the company at most. About 60 young soldiers have been added… Half of them are cowards, should die, panickers.”
According to the military administration of zaporoze state, it is reported that Russian soldiers started shooting at their cars in order to avoid going to the front line.

Former major general James Marx told CNN in March that the Russian army was in trouble due to poor leadership.

“This Russian army has been trying to modernize in the past few decades, and has done quite well in acquiring the right equipment and capabilities, but their leadership is very poor. In any organization, nothing is worse than bad leadership, which is what the Russians have shown,” Max said.

Military experts said in March that the Russian army seemed to be only “a few days” away from running out of resources, although they continued to persevere as the attacks on Ukraine continued.

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